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Need to head to Oran for a business trip?
The major city in western Algeria is a leading economic hub attracting numerous investors and businessmen and easily accessible when departing from Lyon. Nicknamed "The Radiant", the Mediterranean city is also a tourist hot spot for many visitors attracted by its seafront reminiscent of Nice, its amphitheatres, the fort of Mers el-Kébir as well as its famous Raï festival. 

Flight from Lyon (LYS) to Oran (ORN)

Book a flight to Oran departing from Lyon

It is really simple to go and get a taste of the amazing cosmopolitan legacy of the country’s second largest city, shaped by Spanish, Ottoman as well as French influences.

Air Algérie offers seven Lyon-Oran flights a week.
This service is complemented by the airline Aigle Azur with three other weekly flights. 

To make the right choice, take note of the dates, times and prices of all of these flights, as well as the current promotions, by visiting the websites for the airlines on or our Timetable.

Additional information

Ahmed Ben Bella Airport, located 12 kilometres from the city centre and currently accessible via the motorway, is in the process of being connected to the tram network.

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1211 km

Flight duration


Local time


Jet lag

-1 h


Algerian dinar




Ahmed Ben Bella Airport
Latitude : 35.6202476
Longitude : -0.6083217

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