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  • Weather 38 °F
  • Distance 1015 km
  • Duration 1h45
  • Currency Algerian dinar
  • Languages Ara. Arab

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Février 2020


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Destination Annaba en-tête

Have a business trip lined up or simply want to get away exploring?

Annaba, a Mediterranean pearl located in eastern Algeria, 80 kilometres from the Tunisian border.

Both the second largest industrial centre in the country after Algiers and an up and coming tourist destination, adorned with breathtaking landscapes, a few heritage gems such as the Basilica of St-Augustine or the ruins of Hippone, and the proximity to the Mediterranean.

5 reasons to visit Annaba

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destination annaba basilique Saint-Augustin

Visit St. Augustine's Basilica

Built at the end of the XIXth century on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, this religious building displays an elegant Byzantine Moorish style. It is dedicated to Saint Augustine, bishop of Annaba from 396 to 430. Restored in the early 2010's, it regained its superb condition and is now open to the faithful but also to visitors.
destination annaba sites archéologiques d'Hippone

Discover the archaeological sites of Hippo

Here are the remains of Annaba's Roman and Christian past. The site allows you to discover the residential neighbourhood, where most of the mosaics come from, the Christian neighbourhood, where the basilica, the great baths and the forum, characteristic constructions of the Roman period, stand today. A small museum exhibits various potteries, glassworks, etc.
La corniche Annaba

Enjoy the beautiful beaches and the cornice of Annaba

Located in front of the sea, the city of Annaba offers several wonderful beaches where you can walk or rest, in particular the Jewish Beach, Saint-Cloud Beach, Rizzi Amor Beach or Ain Achir Beach. Ideal spots to admire the sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.
Annaba ville

Dive in the Kasbah of Annaba

Construite à la fin du XIIe siècle, la Casbah d’Annaba est située en plein centre-ville. Elle s’étend sur 15 ha, et compte 655 bâtisses au style arabo-islamique. Elle abrite quatre sites classés monuments historiques : les mosquées Abou Marouane Echarif et Jamaâ El Bey, la citadelle Hafçide, et les remparts de la ville de Bouna l’Antique – Bouna étant un des anciens noms d’Annaba.
Farouk land Annaba

Have fun at the Farouk Land amusement park

Here is a place where you can go with your family: the amusement and leisure park Farouk Land, formerly called Sidi Achour Park. Opened at the end of the 80's, fully renovated in the 2010's, this park now offers around thirty attractions for fans of thrills or quieter leisure activities, such as small trains.

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