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Février 2020

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Discover the third largest city in Algeria

Nicknamed the City of Bridges, Constantine, whose walkways and suspended bridges are worth a detour, is one of oldest cities in the world. Surrounded by the Rhumel gorges, the ancient capital of Numidia, located in eastern Algeria is an inexpensive and vibrant destination. However, the city, steeped in Arab and Andalusian culture, also promises an unforgettable stay spent exploring. 

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5 reasons to go to Constantine


Stroll in the medina

You can wander through the alleyways of the old town, most of whose buildings date back to the Ottoman period. You will discover the neighbourhoods of Tabia, Casbah, El Kantara or Bab el Djabia. The medina has the peculiarity of being surrounded by the Rhummel ravine and an escarpment. Bridges and footbridges connect the medina to the rest of the city.


Visit the Dey’s Palace

Built in 1827 by Ahmed Bey, the Dey's palace – sovereign of the regency of Algiers – is a jewel of Arab-Muslim art with its paved courtyard, pillars, earthenware tiles and galleries surrounding the gardens. This palace received prestigious guests such as Guy de Maupassant or Mac Mahon.


Admire the Emir Abdelkader mosque

With its fake Taj Mahal appearances, the Emir Abdelkader mosque, located in the eponymous neighbourhood, was built in 1968. It is flanked by two minarets 107 m high, while its dome culminates at 64 m high. This imposing religious edifice can accommodate up to 15,000 followers.



Discover "The city of suspension bridges"

Constantine has several bridges linking the two banks of the Rhummel gorges. Among the most famous, we can mention the suspension bridge of Sidi M'Cid. Inaugurated in April 1912, it is 164 m long and 5.70 m wide. It was also on this date that the Sidi Rached bridge was built, consisting of 27 stone arches.


Visit the Cirta National Museum

This archaeological museum retraces the history of the city from Prehistory to the present day. It evokes the Numidian, Roman, Hafsid, Ottoman and colonial periods. The remains are presented in chronological order and allow you to delve yourself in Constantine's rich past. .

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