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  • Weather 34 °F
  • Distance 1141 km
  • Duration 1h55
  • Currency Algerian dinar
  • Languages Ara. Arab

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Février 2020


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Destination Batna bannière

Algeria’s fifth largest city and the former capital of Aures is situated at an altitude of over 1000 metres.

Batna is the country’s highest conurbation, a major road and rail junction, and a highly popular destination in economic circles for business trips.

Nearby it is possible to go and visit numerous archaeological sites and the gorges of El-Kantara, nicknamed the "Mouth of the Desert": the guarantee for an unforgettable stay.

5 reasons to visit Batna

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Destination Batna vestiges de Timgad

Discover the remains of Timgad

Timgad is nicknamed "the Pompeii of North Africa." This ancient city offers incredible remains of Roman antiquity to be discovered: thermal baths, temple, forum, theatre... This city, founded by Emperor Trajan in 100 after J.-C., was classified as a World Heritage of Mankind by UNESCO in 1982. This archaeological site is located about 40 kilometres from Batna.
Destination Batna grande mosquée 1er novembre 1954

Admire the largest mosque in Algeria

La grande mosquée 1er novembre 1954, située à Batna, est considérée comme la plus grande d’Algérie et la deuxième d’Afrique. Elle peut accueillir jusqu’à 30 000 fidèles. Construite dans les années 80, elle possède deux minarets de 56 m et son intérieur est richement décoré d’arabesques et de versets coraniques.
Destination Batna Chélia plus hautes montagnes d'Algérie

Contemplate one of the highest mountains in Algeria

The djebel Chélia is the highest peak of the Aurès mountain range. It peaks at an altitude of 2328 m. It is also the second highest mountain peak in Algeria after Mount Tahat and the Hoggar. It offers a magnificent landscape, especially from the end of November to the end of February, when it is covered with snow.
Destination Batna parc d'attractions

Have fun in one of the biggest amusement parks

Batna harbours the largest amusement park in eastern Algeria: the Mbarkia Park. With a surface area of 18 ha, it harbours in particular a huge aqua park, but also various leisure for adults and children.
Destination Batna El Kantara

Discover the gorges of El Kantara

El Kantara is a small oasis formed by three villages, located about sixty kilometres southwest of Batna, to the west of the Aurès Massif. This natural site, characterised by its picturesque gorges carved out by the waters, has been listed since 1923. It harbours vestiges of the Roman period which are also protected.

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