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Flights Lyon - Vancouver
  • Weather21-25 °F21 - 25 °F
  • Distance 8340 km
  • Duration 8h00
  • Currency Canadian dollar
  • Languages Fre.,Eng. French,English

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Février 2020


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Vancouver is ranked among the top 5 cities in the world for its quality of life

A port city of the Pacific, the city of Vancouver is located in the mainland of British Columbia, in southwest Canada.

Cosmopolitan and densely populated, port activity, eclectic architecture, nightlife ... it's an intense socio-cultural life that expresses itself in this city with a thousand faces!

5 reasons to visit Vancouver

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Pont suspendu de Capilano à Vancouver au Canada

A taste of adventure at Capilano Bridge

Situated in the heart of the park of the same name, Capilano Bridge is a suspended bridge, 136m long and 70m high above the Capilano River. A paradise for thrill-seekers, the “Cliffwalk” is suitable for those who do not have vertigo and are able to admire the amazing panoramic views of the century-old trees of the forest.
Quartier China Town à Toronto

Appreciate the soul of Chinatown

Vancouver also has one of the largest « Chinatowns » in the world with an abundance of restaurants, markets and irresistible, quintessential shops. The exotic products blend together with places appreciated as much for their beauty as their history. To add, the nightlife there is very vibrant and music lovers can also visit the sanctuary dedicated to Jimi Hendrix.
Plage et piscine de Kitsilano à Vancouver au Canada

Soak up some sunshine at Kitsilano Beach

Among the many beaches in Vancouver, Kitsilano Beach is among the most appreciated. Also called, “Kits”, it is often compared with California’s Venice Beach. On the ocean front, it is the ideal place to get some sunshine while you play beach-volley or take an afternoon nap. In summer, Kitsilano has a vast, open-air, seawater swimming pool!
Totem amérindien au Parc Stanley de Vancouver

A stroll in Stanley Park

With 400Ha of natural West Coast rainforest, Stanley Park is a veritable haven of peace. As you stroll by the water, you’ll come across the famous ‘Girl in a wet suit” sculpture. A little further along, your path will take you to a quaint and pretty lighthouse. When you reach the end of the “Seawall”, you will be able to enjoy a superb, panoramic view of the city.

Shopping spree at the Public Market in Granville Islande

A must-see area of the city, Granville Island is filled with markets, artisanal boutiques, restaurants, flea markets and theatres. The Public Market is the jewel of the island with its fresh products and handcrafts of all kinds. Mostly, it is the unique atmosphere and the food court with stands from all over the world that will melt your heart.

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