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Flights Lyon - Shanghai
  • Weather 43 °F
  • Distance 9350 km
  • Duration 11h33
  • Currency Yuan
  • Languages Man. Mandarin

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Février 2020


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Destination Shanghai ville header

Discover Shanghai !

With its 24 million inhabitants, its exceptional geographical location on the Pacific Ocean, and its impressive skyscrapers, Shanghai is a destination that makes travellers around the world dream. Discover the bubbling Chinese megalopolis that has turned into a futuristic city within the last decade…

5 reasons to visit Shanghai

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Destination Shanghai ville nocturne

An Intense Nightlife

Compared to New York and its skyscrapers, Shanghai has another thing in common with the American megalopolis. It is “the city that never sleeps”. Shanghai has an intense nightlife. Nanjing Road, a 5.5 km artery, is the equivalent of Times Square, due to the impressive lights of shops. Nightclubs, bars, cinemas, theatres are also very numerous.
Destination Shanghai magasins

A Hot Spot for Shopping

From the old local markets to designer boutiques, from shopping malls to western perfumes, you can spend hours shopping in Shanghai. It is an experience in itself! You can already start saving. Do not forget the first rule of shopping in Shanghai: always haggle.
Destination Shanghai Maison traditionnelle

It is a broth of cultures!

Shanghai has the particularity of being seen as a western city by the Chinese, due in particular to its economic boom, its buildings, and its trendy rooftops, while it takes on an oriental charm for Westerners. Indeed, Shanghai continues to cultivate its traditions, with traditional houses in the old town where you can test typical dishes.
Destination Shanghai nouilles gastronomie

An Enchanting Gastronomy

Use your stay in Shanghai to eat seafood, as close to the Pacific Ocean as could be possible. The natives are also fond of vegetables, bamboo shoots, soybeans, roots, scented mushrooms, etc. While you will find many restaurants, these often close at 10 pm as locals dine early. And always with chopsticks! You’ll also want to let yourself be tempted by the street food, which is delicious.
Destination Shanghai Dragon

Live to the rhythm of celebrations and festivals

Whatever season you go to Shanghai, there is always a local celebration to attend, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the city! The Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival in February, the International Literature Festival, or even the Longhua Temple Fair in the Spring, the Dragon Boat Festival in June… The year is punctuated by traditional and Western events.

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