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Flights Lyon - Hong Kong
  • Weather 54 °F
  • Distance 9600 km
  • Duration 11h53
  • Currency Yuan
  • Languages Man.,Eng. Mandarin,English

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Février 2020


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Destination Hong Kong ville nuit header

Discover Hong Kong !

A multicultural world where the sounds of Cantonese and English can be heard blending together on every street corner, Hong Kong is a key destination for any travel lover.

This global city of more than seven million inhabitants is constantly in motion, oscillating between modernity and tradition. 
Exploring Hong Kong involves getting lost in its markets and enjoying some delectable dim sum as much as it does gazing up at its immense skyscrapers with wonder. 

5 reasons to visit Hong Kong

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Destination Hong Kong ville lumière

Feast your eyes on the Symphony of Ligh

Wait until nighttime to see Hong Kong under a completely different light, when more than 40 of the skyscrapers on Victoria bay are lit up, offering the largest permanent light and sound show in the world! Every evening at 8 pm, the atmosphere of the entire city changes drastically into something magical, providing 10 minutes of pure joy.
Destination Hong Kong temple

Making a wish at Wong Tai Sin temple

Located in Kowloon, in the northern part of the island of Hong Kong, this Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian temple is one of the city's most iconic places. According to popular belief, all wishes that are made there are granted upon request. You will be blown away by its rich and colorful architecture, as well as by its Good Wish Garden.
Destination Hong Kong Dim sum

Try out the city's best dim sum restaurants

Hong Kong's signature culinary specialty, dim sum (literally, "heart's delight") involves small, stuffed, bite-sized dumplings, which are either steamed or fried. You can find them on every street corner, where they come in all sorts of different varieties, and enjoy them in the traditional way, alongside a good cup of tea!
Destination Hong Kong panorama victoria peak

Admire the city from Victoria Peak

Take the Peak Tram, a funicular that will take you up to the city's highest peak, and while you'll get quite the view on your way up, you will be even more amazed when you get to the top! Victoria Peak offers breathtaking views of both the dizzying skyscrapers and the surrounding hills of Hong Kong.
Destination Hong Kong marché

Exploring the traditional markets

Whether you opt to visit the antique market, the bird market, the flower market, or even the goldfish one, you certainly won't be short on choices! You can walk through them at your leisure and dive into these exotic worlds, all of them bursting with life and color. A chance to stock up on some lovely souvenirs and exchange with the local population!

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