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The capital of Kosovo

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Février 2020


Visit Pristina, the capital of Kosovo!

The newest and smallest capital of the Balkans has many touristic sights to see

The city of Pristina is the capital of the Republic of Kosovo. Thanks to a rich history and a highly developed architectural heritage, the city is not to be missed for lovers of cultural trips. Its magnificent landscapes are exotic and immerse you in the heart of this country and its unique history.

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5 good reasons to visit Pristina

Musée ethnographique de Pristina

Visit the ethnographic museum

Not to be missed in Pristina, the ethnographic museum focuses on birth, the cycle of life, marriages, but also death. In this museum, well sheltered within cultural buildings built in the early 19th century, discover the spiritual heritage of the Kosovars from the 15th to the 20th century.

Mosquées de Pristina

Discover the Mosques of Pristina

Kosovo is predominantly Muslim and has numerous mosques. The Fatih Mosque (Xhamia e Mbretit) dates from the 11th century and is still an active place of worship. However, tourists can still access and visit the mosque, with the utmost respect.

Bibliothèque nationale de Pristina

Stroll through the National Library and Gërmia Park

Known for its very unusual architecture consisting of white hat-shaped domes, the National Library of Kosovo Pjeter Bogdani is not to be missed. It can be easily visited for a complete change of scenery. The Gërmia Park is also not to be overlooked, and offers you a peaceful setting to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing moment.

Cathédrale Mère Thérèse

Observe the city from the Cathedral of Mother Teresa

From the observation terrace of the Cathedral of Mother Teresa, discover a breathtaking view of the city. This is another way to learn more about Pristina, as the city is socially committed to helping those in need or difficulty. The Cathedral of Mother Teresa also offers training to young Kosovars.

Spécialités kosovares

Discover the local specialities

In order to taste the most famous culinary dishes in Kosovo, do not hesitate to check out the Renaissance restaurant. This dining establishment welcomes you for a four-course meal created with local ingredients, quality meat, and local wine. Created by three brothers, the restaurant serves seasonal dishes prepared in the traditional Balkan style.

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