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Flight Lyon - Stuttgart
  • Weather32-36 °F32 - 36 °F
  • Distance 469 km
  • Duration 1h05
  • Currency Euro
  • Languages Ger. German

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Février 2020


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Destination Stuttgart chateau header

Discover Stuttgart!

Stuttgart, the heart of the German automotive industry, is the perfect destination for combining business and leisure.

The city centre contains the business district and many historic buildings, such as the Stiftskirche, a 12th century collegiate church featuring Roman and Gothic architecture. A number of castles in the city’s outskirts are a testament to Stuttgart’s history as the royal capital. One of the region’s key distinguishing features is its significant wine growing trade, dating back to the Holy Roman Empire: vineyards can still be found within several hundred metres of the Stuttgart rail station.

5 reasons to visit Stuttgart

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Destination Stuttgart Musée Porsche

Organize a business lunch at the Porsche museum restaurant

The incredible Porsche museum is home to a restaurant with as much claim to excellence as the museum itself. The Christophorus restaurant proposes dishes of outstanding quality. It also offers an exceptional view of the factory and museum of the prestigious German brand. In short, the décor is of as high quality as the content of dishes served, an ideal choice for a business lunch.
Destination Stuttgart Marienplatz

Take a break at the Marienplatz

The Marienplatz is a very trendy place to go at the end of a work day. Many Germans go there to meet friends after work. The place has many addresses and remains sunny ‘til late afternoon. If you would rather eat an ice cream than drink a beer, head to the GelateriaKiaiserbau ice cream parlor.
Destination Stuttgart Café

Enjoy a business coffee meeting in a timeless location

If the commercial centers of Stuttgart are stunning by their modernity, here’s a small passage with Parisian flavors which will please the more nostalgic visitor: Calwer passage. With glass roofing, it houses boutiques and charming cafe bars and restaurants. For example, you can head to the Cafe Boheme and enjoy a cappuccino for a professional appointment.

Have an after work drink at the biergarten of Karshohe

The Karlshohe ridge offers a breathtaking view of the city…and of the vineyards! Many vines have been planted on the hillsides – the region is not only renowned for its industry, it is also reputed for its wines. You can taste a glass at the biergarten (a beer garden joined to a restaurant) situated at the top of the hill; an ideal location for an after work drink.
Destination Stuttgart bibliothèque

Discover the incredible library of Stuttgart

Even if you won’t have the time to borrow a book during your business trip, the Stuttgart library truly deserves a visit. In the shape of a cube and ultra-modern, the building was completed in 2011. It is the work of Korean architect, Eun Young Yi. Inside, the hall is lit by a central oculus and the library takes the shape of a funnel of five floors, covered entirely by books.

Must-sees of Stuttgart

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- Si vous êtes en possession d’un pass sanitaire suite à un rétablissement du covid-19, vous n’êtes pas dans l’obligation d’effectuer un test.

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