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Février 2020


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Discover Nuremberg !

Located in Germany, and more specifically in Bavaria, Nuremberg is a city that captivates with its modernity and its rich heritage.

Devastated in part during the Second World War, it was vigorously rebuilt to become a true cultural capital, economically very dynamic. Between its countless sites and its monuments, museums and parks, this city is home to treasures!

5 reasons to visit Nuremberg

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Enjoy an after work drink by the ramparts of the old town

Endowed with medieval ramparts and traditional half-timbered houses, the old town of Nuremberg was restored after the destruction suffered during the Second World War. At the foot of the fortifications, you will find a bar which serves excellent local beers that will certainly rehydrate you after a work day - the Wanderer & Bieramt cafe-bar. Considered a must-visit after a meeting!

Eat Nurnberger rostbrtwurst on the go at the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof

Nurnberger rostbratwursts are small pork sausages, grilled with marjoram seasoning. They are served with choucroute or with a warm potato salad. They are usually enjoyed with a serving of quality beer. For a typical and quick lunch with clients, head to the Hausbrauerei Altstadthof, a mythical eatery in Nuremberg.

View the sunset…. form a car park!

Here is the perfect location (and free) to admire the sunset and enjoy a brief break during your business trip, at the Adlerparkhaus Nurnberg. The top floor of the car park is open-air and offers a breathtaking view of the pretty town of Nuremberg. You need only to use the staircase to gain access to the top floor.
Destination Nuremberg fontaines

Admire the amazing fountains of Nuremberg

If you have time, between business meetings, to take a stroll in Nuremberg, it will be impossible to miss the many fountains situated around the city, such as the Schone Brunnen on the main market square of the old town. Dating from the 14th century, it reaches no less than 19m in height. A mention must also be made of Ehkarussell. Sculpted in bronze, it “speaks” of the evolution of marriage, from falling madly in love to the grave…

Delve into the vestiges of Nuremberg’s troubled past

If Nuremberg doesn’t deserve to be defined by its past, it is also impossible to ignore it. If you have a few hours free, after a meeting or professional event, take the time to discover the Nazi Documentation Center museum or visit the Nuremberg Palace of Justice where the Nuremberg war trials were held after the war.

Must-sees of Nuremberg

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