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Why visit Germany?

The wide variety of landscapes and natural sites makes Germany a true European jewel.

If you love nature, hiking and wild landscapes,you will enjoy spending time in Germany with its one hundred or so national parks. Germany has a rich past and so also offers an immense architectural and cultural heritage.Many famous museums and monuments await you, as well as beautiful castles. Discover the numerous picturesque villages of Germany, with their distinctive colours and beautiful brick facades.

You will love strolling through the German cities, from the most dynamic and avant-garde, to the most authentic.

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Lufthansa offers direct flights from Lyon to Frankfurt (up to 4 flights per day), and direct flights from Lyon to Munich (up to 4 flights per day). Düsseldorf is served with direct flights by the airline Eurowings. To travel to Berlin or Stuttgart, you can book your flight ticket with the airlines easyJet and Twin Jet

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is of course a must. The museums of Munich will take you through the city’s history. Frankfurt also makes for an enriching stay, combining history, gastronomy and culture. Go up to the top of the Main Tower to admire a breathtaking view of the city or go green at the Botanical Garden in the centre of Frankfurt.

Germany is a true shoppers' paradise with plenty of good deals and pleasant high-streets. The Königsallee boulevard in Düsseldorf or Kaufinger Strasse in Munich boast exceptional architecture and are known for their designer outlet boutiques. Traditional markets have also been a defining feature of Germany for years.

The traditional city of Berlin is unmissable during a trip to Germany, thanks to its rich cultural and historical heritage. However, the city of Stuttgart and its Mercedes Benz museum are also great places to visit during a weekend away, as is Fribourg. Baden-Baden is the ideal city for a relaxing romantic weekend, as a classic spa town.

The best time to travel to Berlin is between May and September. Temperatures are quite similar to France, and do not usually exceed 26°C. On the other hand, winters in Berlin are sometimes harsh and warm clothing is required if you want to visit the city comfortably.


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