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Flight Lyon Cairo
  • Weather 61 °F
  • Distance 4900 km
  • Duration 5h35
  • Currency Egyptian pound
  • Languages Ara. Arab

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Février 2020


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femme dans le désert avec des pyramides

Fly to Cairo, destination Egypt!

Follow in the footsteps of the ancient Pharaohs, and gaze down from the top of the pyramids at a young, dynamic and forward-looking city.

To the southwest of Cairo, the pyramids of Giza have fascinated travellers for thousands of years. The pyramids of Cheops, Kephren and Mykerinus, as well as the majestic Sphinx, are among the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and attract visitors from all over the world.

Numerous museums pay tribute to ancient Egyptian civilisation. The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is home to the treasure of Tutankhamun, while the NMEC offers a complementary approach to ancient Egypt that is both innovative and immersive. You can also visit the Islamic Museum of Cairo, which houses rare pieces created in the early days of Islam.

Mosques abound in Cairo, and numerous religious buildings such as the Mohammed Ali Mosque, the Sultan Hassan Mosque and the Al-Rifa'i Mosque bear witness to the refinement of Islamic architecture. Cairo's bewitching and seductive city can also be explored on a stroll through the narrow streets of the Khan el-Khalili souk. The shops and art studios are full of surprises, and the local restaurants invite you to discover the local specialities.

Book your Flight Lyon (LYS) - Cairo (CAI) plane ticket now, and discover an exceptional city at the gateway to the desert!

5 reasons to visit Cairo

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les pyramides de gizeh

Admire the pyramids of Giza

The majestic pyramids of Cheops, Khephren and Mykerinos have defied eternity for several millennia. Today, these monumental structures bear witness to the grandeur of ancient Egypt and still conceal many secrets. The monumental statue of the Sphinx, representing a lion with a human head, ignites the imagination of all visitors.

la mosquée du caire

Visit the mosques of Cairo

Founded by the Fatimid dynasty, the Al-Azhar Mosque is a testament to the extreme refinement of Egyptian builders. Construction began in 969 AD, and it remains one of the city's most important religious monuments. You can also discover the Mohammed Ali Mosque, the Sultan Hassan Mosque or the Ibn Tulun Mosque.
souk Khan el-Khalil

Visit the Khan el-Khalil souk

Considered the oldest in Cairo, the Khan el-Khalil souk plunges you into a mesmerising world, where myriad scents and colours enchant your senses. Take the time to lose yourself in the maze of alleyways, and dive into the heart of this intoxicating labyrinth: handicrafts, antiques, jewellery, spices, pastries, dried fruit, essential oils and antiques await you at the stalls.
des fruits secs

Savour Egyptian cuisine

Drawing its inspiration from Mediterranean, Levantine and Arab cuisines, Egyptian gastronomy includes a wide range of culinary dishes featuring spices, meats, vegetables and cereals. Pastries sweetened with honey, dates or dried fruit, sometimes with cinnamon, are a big hit. You can sample local specialities in restaurants or on the stalls of Cairo's markets.

image du nil au caire

Take a cruise on the Nile

According to Herodotus, Egypt is a gift from the Nile. The river that flows through Cairo is the main source of life and communication for an entire country. As you travel upstream, you'll discover pyramids, necropolises and the most beautiful monuments that reflect the grandeur of ancient Egyptian civilisation. For a few hours or several days, you'll be immersed in a captivating world with a history stretching back thousands of years.

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    FAQ: Flights Lyon - Cairo

    How long is a flight from Lyon to Cairo?

    Lyon Saint-Exupéry (LYS) and Cairo (CAI) are approximately 2,900 kilometres apart. The length of your flight between these two cities depends mainly on your connecting airport and the length of your stopover. For example, you can reach Cairo from Lyon in less than 6 hours, with a connection time of 1.5 hours at Munich airport.

    Which airlines operate flights between Lyon and Cairo?

    Transavia offers direct flights between Lyon airport (LYS) and Cairo (CAI) from December 22 for the winter season.
    Air Franceoffers a flight between Lyon Saint-Exupéry and Cairo (CAI), with a connection at Paris - Charles-de-Gaulle airport (CDG).
    Lufthansa offers flights between Lyon and Cairo, with a stopover at Munich's Franz-Josef-Strauß airport (MUC).
    You can also fly from Lyon to Cairo on Turkish Airlines, with a connection at Istanbul International Airport (IST).

    When should I buy a ticket to Cairo?

    We recommend that you make your Lyon Saint-Exupéry (LYS) - Cairo (CAI) reservation as soon as possible, in order to benefit from the most attractive fares. Flexibility on your departure and return dates also enables you to obtain attractive prices. We also offer an online car park reservation service, so you can take advantage of preferential rates and be sure to find an available parking space when you arrive at the airport.


    When is the best time to visit Cairo?

    The Egyptian city welcomes you all year round for an unforgettable holiday at the gateway to the Sahara desert. You can enjoy a sunny climate and mild temperatures all year round. Dreading the heat? You can opt for spring and autumn, and avoid the very high temperatures that affect the city between June and September.


    What are the formalities for travelling to Egypt?

    French nationals must have a national identity card or passport valid for at least six months after the date of return to France.
    A visa is required to enter Egypt. It can be obtained from the consulate, or on arrival in Egypt by applying at least 7 days before departure.