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New Terminal 1

New Terminal

Discover all the news from June 19, 2018. Arrivals from Terminal 1 are moving. Follow the indications.

Access to New Terminal 1


20 commercial signs to discover in the New Terminal

We have selected for you a range of boutiques, adapted to suit every taste, from local products to international brands.

La Place des Lumières, a place of entertainment before embarkation.   

After checking in, take advantage of our services before boarding:  
  • A family-friendly playground where children can have fun while waiting for take-off
  • A space of animations and its 360 ° interactive screen
  • A zone of relaxation and discovery of the destinations thanks to Timescope, the terminal of virtual reality 360 ° and games unpublished on Ipads. 

Go-to-Gate Display

In order to master your time available before boarding, the New Terminal offers a "Go to Gate" display. The numerous flight screens will show you the time at which your boarding gate will be displayed. You will be able to reach it at the right time, having taken full advantage of your free time in our spaces of leisures.

Completion of work: mid-2018 

Work will continue until the summer of 2018, allowing the New Terminal 1 to be permanently linked with the old one.

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