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Health Information for Africa

If you plan on traveling to Africa, it is recommended that you book travel insurance that covers medical fees and health-related repatriation. In some countries such as South Africa, there are not many healthcare systems in rural areas, but cities have high-quality hospitals and, in particular, private clinics, which can end up being very expensive.

Health Information for Asia

With over 43 million sq. km, Asia is the largest of the world's continents. Within Asia, there are a wide variety of climates, plants, animals, and populations. Therefore, Health and Vaccination precautions will vary from country to country.

Health Information for Caribbean

The Caribbean consists of a vast archipelago of islands divided into two distinct regions: the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. The warm and tropical climate is characterized by a dry season and a rainy season, during which traveling is not advised. Whatever the destination, no drastic health precautions need to be taken, but stay alert at all times.

Health Information for Europe

Want to travel to Europe? Whatever the season, the Old Continent offers an array of hidden surprises and lends itself to all your wishes, whether you want to improve your English in London, to stroll through the streets of Seville, or to enjoy some traditional (yet extraordinary) haggis in Glasgow, Scotland. However, vaccines may be advisable or even mandatory, depending on the country you decide to visit. So here is some information you can use to travel safely.

Health information for North America

North America, with its 24 million km2, is the third largest continent in the world. Sanitary conditions and treatment quality are relatively close to those found in Europe when it comes to Canada, the United States and Greenland. More vigilance will be required in Mexico. 

Health Information for Oceania

With an area of ​​8 million square kilometers, Oceania is the smallest continent in size in the world. Covering all the land between Asia and America, this small continent is mainly made up of island states, which are further divided into four regions. Whether you are visiting Australia, Fiji, Hawaii or French Polynesia, it is essential to plan the best preventive care and the right actions to preserve your health.

Health Information for South America

The continent of South America comprises 26 countries. Sanitary conditions and health risks vary from one destination to another. Travel insurance is suggested to cover possible medical costs, as well as hospitalization and repatriation expenses.

Indian Ocean Health Information

Reunion, Mauritius, Maldives, Madagascar, Seychelles, Mayotte or even Zanzibar: the islands of the Indian Ocean await you from Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport. Each having its own characteristics in climate as well as health conditions, it is recommended to take some precautions and check your vaccinations before travelling, according to destination.

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