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The Caribbean is made up of a vast archipelago of islands divided into two distinct regions: the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. Whatever the destination, no drastic sanitary precautions are required, but a good vigilance is to be observed. Follow our advice for a successful trip.

Which vaccines to take to the Caribbean?

Vaccin Famille Voyage

Whether you are preparing to travel to an island in the Greater Antilles or the Lesser Antilles, it is in both cases strongly recommended to be up to date with universal vaccinations, which are called "basic" vaccinations. They are usually listed on everyone's health booklet.

List of universal vaccines against the following diseases:

  • Diphtheria, Tetanus, Poliomyelitis (DTP)
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)
  • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis A (in case of prolonged stay)
  • Tuberculosis (BCG) (Present in the Greater Antilles)
  • Pertussis
  • Meningitis and Haemophilus B (for newborns)

 Finally, the rabies vaccine is recommended regardless of your destination. Please note that the vaccine must be given at least 2 months before departure.

Note that while the yellow fever vaccine is mandatory for a stay in French Guiana, it is only recommended for Trinidad and Tobago.

To learn more about vaccinations, we invite you to learn more on the french administration website by clicking on the link below.

Vaccinations for travel

Preventing infectious and parasitic diseases
in the Caribbean

As in most hot, tropical countries, many insects and mosquitoes are present throughout the Caribbean archipelago and threaten travelers with infectious diseases.

Vecteurs de la dengue, du paludisme, du chikungunya, du virus Zika, etc... ils obligent à respecter en permanence certaines précautions :
Vectors of dengue fever, malaria, chikungunya, Zika virus, etc... they oblige to respect permanently certain precautions:

  • Favour covering clothes;
  • Take along mosquito repellents and clothing sprays suitable for tropical countries;
  • Sleep under a mosquito net.

Preventive medication against malaria may also be prescribed. Consult your doctor.

HIV is circulating strongly in the Greater Antilles and the Lesser Antilles. Remember to protect yourself!

Finally, tourista is a classic traveler's disease. To avoid any risk of digestive problems, it is imperative to respect food hygiene measures, especially during a stay in the Greater Antilles. Be sure to :

  • Drink sealed bottled water;
  • Do not consume ice cubes;
  • Prefer cooked and pasteurized dairy products;
  • Eat peeled fruits and cooked vegetables;
  • Eat well-cooked meat and fish.
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