Weekend in Venice, visits and activities

Have an unforgettable weekend in Venice : discover 8 ideas for activities and visits

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Février 2020


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8 ideas for an unforgettable weekend in Venice

A romantic destination, the city of the Doges is renowned for its canals, gondolas, palaces and monuments. Would you like to spend a romantic weekend with your beloved one ? Would you like to discover the palaces, churches and museums of Venice with your family or friends ?

Take a direct flight from Lyon to Venice and discover a city with an exceptional heritage and a unique atmosphere !

Basilique Saint Marc

2. Admire the treasures of St Mark's Basilica

In the 11th century, the booming merchant city decided to equip itself with a religious building worthy of its political and economic influence. It was decided to build an impressive basilica to house one of the most precious treasures of Christianity, the relics of the Evangelist Saint Mark brought from Alexandria in the 9th century. After contemplating the facades and portals adorned with sculptures and bas-reliefs, you can enter the building to admire the medieval mosaics, statues and religious works of art.

Why enter St Mark's Basilica ? The Basilica overlooks Venice and is best viewed from the outside. But a visit to the interior of the buildings also promises continued wonderment. The golden mosaics bear witness to the city's splendour and prosperity in the Middle Ages, and continue to dazzle visitors in the 21st century.

Pont Rialto

4. Crossing the Rialto Bridge

Built in the second half of the 16th century, the Rialto Bridge is the oldest structure on the Grand Canal in Venice. It houses two rows of houses forming a circumflex, connected by a double portico. You can get there in the morning, and cross it from St Mark's Square to go to the Rialto market, which takes place every day from 9am to 12pm on the Campo de la Pescaria. The colourful and fragrant stalls, the shouts of customers and merchants reveal the authentic and picturesque face of Venice. In the evening, the Rialto Bridge offers a view of the illuminations of the Serenissima.

Why cross the Rialto Bridge ? This work of art has happily survived the centuries, and offers a particularly photogenic physiognomy.

Canaux Venise

6. Strolling the canals of Venice in a gondola

The city of Venice is famous for its gondolas, uniquely shaped boats that make it easy to travel the city's canals. A traditional means of transport for Venetians, the gondola is now associated with the image of Venice around the world. A stroll along the canals offers a welcome romantic break, especially when shared as a couple. It also allows you to take a fresh look at the city. Indeed, the facades and architectural features of some palaces are only visible from the canals.

Why go on a gondola ? Vaporettos or vaporetti, motor boats, are the fastest way to get from one place to another. But the gondola ride, a tourist cliché par excellence, is nonetheless a thing to do during your weekend in Venice.

Shopping Venise

8. Shopping in Venice

Would you like to take home a souvenir from your weekend in Venice ? The Serenissima also awaits you for a shopping session. Carnival masks, worn during this famous festive event, are emblematic of the city. You can buy one in a souvenir shop, or choose a local artisan for a collector's item. The Ca'Macana workshop, which has several shops and workshops in the historic centre, produced the masks seen in Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, Casanova and 50 Shades of Grey. Another must-see product is Murano blown glass. The island's shops and glassblowers offer jewellery, decorative objects and tableware made on site. Gourmets can also buy local culinary preparations, such as jarred sauces for pasta.

Why shop in Venice ? A weekend in Venice is often a once-in-a-lifetime trip. A shopping spree is a great way to combine business with pleasure.