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Flights Lyon - Kinshasa
  • Weather45-48 °F45 - 48 °F
  • Distance 5670 km
  • Duration 7h08
  • Currency Franc congolais
  • Languages Fre. French

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Février 2020


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Kinshasa, the vibrant capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Located on the south bank of the Congo River, Kinshasa is distinguished above all by its incredibly varied topology of landscapes, housing a large fauna.

If the mountain gorilla is king of the canopy, it is also possible to see lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, etc., not to forget the extremely rare okapi, an endemic species of the country.

5 reasons to visit Kinshasa

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Stroll Through the Artists’ Market

Crafts enthusiasts will appreciate this beautiful market composed of dozens of coloured stalls. Jewels, sculptures, masks, paintings, and objects from all over Congo appear on the stalls. A great opportunity to bring back a unique and not very expensive souvenir… provided you enter—always with a sunny disposition—into the game of haggling, an interaction which is greatly appreciated by the Kinshasan!
Singe Lola Ya Bonobo à Kinshasa au Congo

Support the Lola ya Bonobo

The Lola ya bonobo is a sanctuary devoted to collecting and saving bonobo babies that were victims of poaching. The goal is to reintroduce them into a nature reserve. Endemic and living only in the DRC, these monkeys are victims of an illegal trade that threatens their survival. Visits and gifts to the sanctuary allow them to continue this wonderful work!

Take an Excursion to Lake Ma Vallée

This small lake located about 30 kilometres from Kinshasa is worth the detour! A small Eden, it constitutes a reserve for Kinshasan biodiversity. The road to reach it is lined with vegetation that sets the tone: here, nature is queen. At that location, it is possible to fish or take beautiful walks, provided you have good shoes!

Living as a Kinshasa Denizen

About 40 kilometres from the centre of Kinshasa, the fishing village of Kinkole is the rendezvous of choice for Kinshasa people on weekends. Barbecue, lazing around, walks, fishing, and canoe racing all add to the atmosphere! Music and good moods are ubiquitous, as are the river fish that end up in braised plates or delicious maboke.
Kinshasa, artiste

Discover the work of Master Liyolo

Sculptor and visual artist, Alfred Liyolo is a key artist in Congo as well as internationally. The grandson of an ivory cutter, he now works in bronze, which he manipulates with strength and subtlety. Each work, although very contemporary, bears witness to his African influences. His work can be admired in his studio or in the streets of Kinshasa where many sculptures are present.

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