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  • Weather 38 °F
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  • Duration 6h59
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Février 2020


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Yaoundé au Cameroun

Yaoundé, political capital of Cameroon

These two nicknames: “the city with the Seven Hills” and “the town with wild boars” describe it perfectly.

Although urbanized, it flirts not only with the surrounding nature but also with age-old traditions, such as the famous period of the hunt for wild boars! Yaounde is certainly a singular city, which will not leave the traveller insensitive.

5 reasons to visit Yaoundé

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Visit the Ebogo Site

Located at about sixty kilometres from Yaoundé, near Mbalmayo, the ecotourist Ebogo site is a must. On the program: canoe trip in the heart of the rainforest, hiking on the botanical trail, wild bird watching, butterflies, traditional fishing… Let yourself be tempted by a total immersion in a preserved nature!

Stop at the Musée de la Blackitude

The museum of Blackitude is a must stop for anyone who wants to learn more about Cameroon, its art and its customs. Founded by His Majesty Fô Nab Ngo I Nana Sunjio Agnés, it records collections mainly from the Grassfields and Fang-Beti ethnic groups. Statues, costumes, ritual masks, etc. Treat yourself to a dive in the heart of the traditions.

Surprise Your Taste Buds

Did you know that the name Cameroon comes from a crustacean? That is to say that this small animal, namely the shrimp, is very important! It is usually cooked with garlic to open the appetite. Then, time for a good fresh fish with chili, lemon and salt or a gourmet fish broth. Your taste buds will remember!

The Monument of Reunification

The monument of Reunification is the main work of Yaoundé. It symbolizes the whole history of the formation of Cameroon until the creation of the united republic of Cameroon in 1972. Built by the French architect Salomon, the Cameroonian sculptor Gédéon Mpando and the Jesuit father Engelbert Mveng, it consists of two monuments to be observed minutely to discover all the subtleties.

One Night’s Stay at Mont Fébé

A detour through the verdant Mont Fébé allows to discover Yaoundé differently. Located north-west of the city, it is known for its hotel anchored 950 metres above sea level offering breathtaking panoramic views. Between the multicoloured glitter of the city, the starry sky, the perfumes and sounds of African nature, the night can only be unforgettable!

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