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Flight Lyon Saint-Martin
  • Weather50-52 °F50 - 52 °F
  • Distance 7000 km
  • Duration 12h00
  • Currency Euro
  • Languages Eng.,Fre.,Dut. English,French,Dutch

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Février 2020


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Fly to Saint-Martin, in the Antilles

Tourist destination in the Caribbean, the island of Saint-Martin welcomes you for a stay with your feet in the water

This Caribbean island invites you to relax and discover, between paradisiacal beaches, enchanting landscapes, towns and villages of character. Lovers of water sports will be delighted, with sunbathing on the golden sand, diving in the waves, sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving. Shared between France and the Netherlands, the island of Saint-Martin offers a plural face to visitors, and reveals its remarkable heritage to the most curious visitors.

Would you like to escape the grey atmosphere of Lyon and enjoy an unforgettable holiday in the West Indies? Head for the island of Saint-Martin and multiply your experiences! Days in the sun on the beaches of Orient Bay, Maho Beach or Cupecoy Beach, a visit to Marigot, the discovery of the tasty and spicy local gastronomy, a walk in the heart of the luxuriant vegetation, your holidays are infinitely varied. 

Embark on a flight from Lyon to Saint-Martin, and discover one of the most touristy, surprising and endearing islands!

5 reasons to visit Saint Martin

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Enjoy the beaches of the Caribbean

Saint Martin is famous for its white sandy beaches, lined with palm trees, and its pristine turquoise waters. You can swim, sunbathe, have a drink in the water or experience something new. Orient Bay, Maho Beach and Cupecoy Beach are among the most popular tourist beaches, offering a variety of activities such as diving, windsurfing and parasailing.

Dive around the islets of Saint-Martin

The seabed of the Caribbean Sea is renowned for its exceptional fauna and flora. The islets of Saint-Martin, such as Pinel Island and Tintamarre Island, attract scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts from all over the world. Local instructors and guides will show you the best spots, surrounded by fish and coral.

Visit the old town of Marigot

The town experienced an economic boom during the 18th century thanks to the cultivation of sugar cane. Many colonial buildings bear witness to this prosperity and give Marigot a unique atmosphere. You can admire the 19th century houses along the Rue de la République, visit the Catholic church, or climb the hill to walk around Fort Saint-Louis.

Try local cuisine

The spicy and generous Caribbean cuisine will delight even the most discerning palate. You can try the local flavours in the island's restaurants, with many dishes based on fish, shellfish, seafood or meat. You can also sample the regional specialities by strolling through the stalls of the Marigot market. A glass of flavoured rum can precede your meal (in moderation), at aperitif time.

Participate in the nightlife

The hospitality of the Antilleans can also be experienced at night. The island of St. Martin is famous for its beach establishments, restaurants, bars, clubs and discos. You can enjoy delicious rum-based cocktails (always in moderation), or sway to the wild rhythms of "zouk" music.

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Island Saint Martin

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