Travelling to the United Arab Emirates

Discover the 7 emirates, with different infrastructures, cultures and habits!

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Février 2020

Émirats Arabes Unis Dubaï Burj Khalifa

Why visit the United Arab Emirates?

The United Arab Emirates consists of seven emirates, with different infrastructures, cultures and consumer habits.

You will find the tallest skyscrapers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, in comparison with the other emirates. It is, however, possible to ski down sand dunes, see camel races or even try falconry. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are shining examples of modernity at the heart of the United Arab Emirates. Buildings, entrepreneurial projects and sporting events all influence the cities’ atmospheres. Discover an amazing high-tech world that will make your holiday exceptional, or immerse yourself in less well-known cultures if you prefer a more exotic holiday.

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Where  and when to go to the United Arab Emirates?

Your desires, our recommendations! 

The climate in Dubai is hot and sunny. With only 13 days of rain per year, it would be bad luck to experience bad weather during your holiday. However, rain is more likely between November and April. On the other hand, temperatures easily reach 50°C between May and September.

Travel to the United Arab Emirates between November and the end of April. Although there is a risk of rain, it is extremely low and you can travel comfortably without having to escape the heat. During your trip, visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi to enjoy the extremes and extravagances of the country.

For a complete change of scenery, set out to discover Dubai. Visit this city of shopping, luxury boutiques and huge shopping centres, right in the middle of the desert. Theworld’s tallest tower is, of course, an unmissable attraction. You can also enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches.

Dubai is a beautiful city to visit as a couple. With its luxury hotels and white sandy beaches, you can relax together and spend time strolling through the shopping centres. In the evenings, enjoy the nightlife in the city’s many bars and excellent restaurants.

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