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Flights Lyon - Zurich
  • Weather27-29 °F27 - 29 °F
  • Distance 334 km
  • Duration 1h05
  • Currency Swiss franc
  • Languages Fre.,Ger.,Rom.,Ita. French,German,Romansh,Italian

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Février 2020


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Need to plan a business trip in the economic, financial and business heart of the Helvetic confederation?

Zurich, which benefits from countless worldwide connections, is at the same time packed with heritage gems just waiting to be discovered.

The perfect destination for combining business with pleasure through a study trip or a relaxing stay at the foot of the mountains.

5 reasons to visit Zurich

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Grab a quick lunch at an outdoor bar

Here is a typical Zurich concept: outdoor bars that are both temporary and creative. When warm weather arrives, these bars open their doors and offer seasonal dishes. For example? The Pumpstation lights up its barbecue and offers grilled sausage and potato salad. With stunning views of Lake Zurich. Ideal for an original lunch break during a business trip!

Enjoy fondue with your team

Although traditional, the cheese fondue, a Swiss specialty, remains trendy in Zurich. Restaurateurs are not short of ideas for helping you (re)discover this typical dish. If the chalet is still popular, you and your team can enjoy a bit of fondue on a boat, in a tram, in the open air, or high up with a view of the city of Zurich or the lake...

Give yourself a moment to go shopping at the end of the day

In Zurich, most shops close at 8 o'clock during the week. This allows you time to enjoy a few moments of window shopping or bring back some specialties after a professional appointment. Swiss chocolate is obviously a must-buy. But the city also has designer boutiques and trendy, organic grocery stores.

Drink a cocktail on a rooftop in Zurich

Many bars and restaurants in Zurich have a rooftop terrace where you can enjoy a cocktail with your guests, for example. The city is full of spots from which you can admire the city and the edges of the lake as they illuminate at dusk. Even big stores like Migros or Jelmoli have rooftop for their customers...

Combine relaxation with your business trip

The city of Zurich is home to many spas. The Zurich thermal baths and spa will offer you an exceptional moment, in a one of a kind building. You will bathe in water that's between 35 and 41°C, depending on the basins, under the hundred-year-old vaults of an old brewery. Make the words "business trip" become another way of saying relaxation...

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