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Flights Lyon - Tokyo
  • Weather45-52 °F45 - 52 °F
  • Distance 9884 km
  • Duration 16h30
  • Currency Yen
  • Languages Jap. Japanese

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Février 2020


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Tokyo, a dynamic metropolis and popular tourist destination

Take a flight from Lyon to Tokyo and fly to Japan!

Tokyo is a sprawling megalopolis that has a lot to offer. Each district has retained its own character and identity, and invites you to discover a city with many facets.

Visits of museums, monuments, gardens or temples, shopping sessions, discovery of the gastronomy, relaxation in the traditional thermal baths, your trip will be unforgettable. 

Book your plane ticket from Lyon, and discover the city of Tokyo for a trip full of emotions!

5 reasons to visit Tokyo

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Visit Tokyo's museums

Japan's capital has an impressive number of museums. You can learn about the country's unique history at the Edo-Tokyo Museum in the Ryogoku district. Manga fans will not want to miss the Ghibli Museum, a wonderful tribute to the work of Miyazaki in Tokyo, who created many animated feature films.

Discover the temples and gardens

Many green spaces have been created in the heart of the city, appealing to Tokyoites and tourists alike. Some of the parks and gardens are home to religious buildings that are famous throughout Japan. The vast Shinto shrine of Meiji-jingū, set in a green setting, or the Buddhist temple of Sensō-ji attract many visitors throughout the year.

Explore the Akihabara district

In the heart of Tokyo, the Akihabara shopping district is famous for its electronic equipment shops. The streets are lit up with flashing neon lights and loud advertisements, and offer a unique sensory experience for a dive into modern Japan. Manga and video game enthusiasts can discover and buy rare items.

Get acquainted with Japanese gastronomy

Make the most out of your stay in Tokyo to discover the culinary specialities of Japan! Push open the doors of an izakaya, a traditional bistro, or take a seat in a teppan, a restaurant equipped with a hot plate. You can also sit at the counter of a yatai, a mobile stall offering fast food typical of Japanese culture.

Go on a trip to Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji towers over Tokyo at an altitude of 3,776 metres. It is a sacred mountain for the Japanese that can be discovered on a day trip that can include a stop on the shores of Lake Ashi, nestled in an ancient volcanic crater. You can enjoy a serene interlude during your city break, while admiring the almost mystical beauty of the landscape.

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