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Flights Lyon - São Paulo
  • Weather34-43 °F34 - 43 °F
  • Distance 9300 km
  • Duration 9h32
  • Currency Réal brésilien
  • Languages Por. Portuguese

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Février 2020


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São Paulo

São Paulo is synonymous with excess

Brazil’s most populous sprawling metropolis

Extremely vibrant, this is where you find the most gourmet restaurants and bistros, trendy bars and cafes, craft markets, museums, and designer boutiques. Composed of lively community neighborhoods, São Paulo seduces by its enthusiasm and its electrifying rhythm.

5 reasons to visit São Paulo

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Les chutes d'eau de Iguaçu vers São Paulo au Brésil

The Surroundings of São Paulo

The natural parks and the mountain villages around São Paulo are must-sees! The falls of Iguaçu are particularly remarkable and are only a 1 hour 30-minute flight from São Paulo. Discover the beautiful beaches of the North Coast, going to Maresias, Ubatuba, or Ilhabela. As beautiful as the beaches of Rio, but less touristy!

The Gentleness of the Paulistas

The inhabitants of São Paulo, the Paulistas, are warm and welcoming hosts who will be delighted to introduce you to their city. They are very approachable, and friendship comes easily to them. They will take as much pleasure in sharing with you their fervour for their favourite soccer team, as they would sharing with you their favourite local businesses. Their good mood will illuminate your trip to Brazil.
Sandwitch mortadela

The Mortadella Sandwich

Not to be missed, the mortadella sandwich is a classic of the São Paulo markets! Just like the famous cod pastel with its various toppings, which you can taste in all the street markets scattered across São Paulo. This urban and cosmopolitan city is full of small traditional venues where you can enjoy food, whether it be local or from around the world.
Sandwitch mortadela

The art museum and its animated street

The MASP, São Paulo's art museum, has the finest collection of Western art in Latin America and features sensational temporary exhibitions. Our advice? Go on Sundays... Two large markets take place on the Avenida Paulista. A chance to discover street food and leave with local antiques.
Sandwitch mortadela

Dance Samba

You can't go to Brazil without dancing the Samba. This traditional dance is part of the country's culture. Samba music is played live in many bars, especially on weekends. There are many like Bar Samba, Bar Mangueira, Traço de União to soak up the festive atmosphere that the city of São Paulo offers. Have a drink, have dinner, then let the local music carry you away.

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