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Flights Lyon - Larnaca
  • Weather48-56 °F48 - 56 °F
  • Distance 2672 km
  • Duration 3h05
  • Currency Euro
  • Languages Gre.,Tur. Greek,Turkish

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Février 2020


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Larnaca, the little Cypriot jewel of the Mediterranean!

In addition to its rich historical heritage, Larnaca is a perfect destination for relaxing and walking in authentic places! 

Larnaca is THE destination for your trip to Cyprus! A small port town, Larnaca is bordered by 25 kilometres of idyllic beaches, and boasts exceptional architecture and historic monuments. Here, you'll spend unforgettable holidays enjoying sunbathing on the beach, sightseeing, wine tasting or even scuba diving.

There's no doubt you'll love the beauty of Larnaca and its way of life!

5 reasons to visit Larnaca

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Relax on the beautiful beaches

Larnaca is known for its heavenly pebble and fine sand beaches. The most beautiful beaches include Mackenzie Beach, to the east of the airport, or Finikoudes Beach.

Located in the heart of the city centre, this beach is considered to be one of the island's bests due to its cleanliness, location and beautiful surroundings

If you would prefer somewhere quieter, choose the more low-key beaches of Secret Paradise of Alaminos or Mazotos. You can relax on these beaches away from the tourists and enjoy the magnificent panorama of these places.

Taste good wine at Ktima Christoudia

If you’re a wine lover, why not spend half a day of your holiday at Ktima Christoudia Winery? This private vineyard welcomes visitors for local wine tastings.

You can visit the estate at your leisure before discovering wine-making secrets with the help of excellent guides. If you would prefer to taste Cypriot wine on a full stomach, you can enjoy a lovely brunch before the tour, made using local products.

A great way to discover local cuisine in an exceptional setting!

Go back in time at the Kition archaeological site

Before present-day Larnaca was constructed, there was a city called Kition, the capital of a Cypro-Phoenician kingdom. Today, the former Kition has been covered by Larnaca, and its archaeological site was only discovered in the 1960s.

Although there are few remains, it is still interesting to visit this site, with its ruins of Phoenician temples and Roman mosaics. A small museum explains the discovery of several sites on the island of Cyprus. Archaeology and history lovers, this place is for you!

Dive to discover the most beautiful shipwrecks in the world

Si vous en avez marre de vous prélasser sur la plage, programmez une sortie plongée ! If you are tired of lounging on the beach, why not arrange a dive?

In Larnaca, numerous companies offer diving trips to see Cyprus' underwater coastal reefs. You can discover many species of fish, as well as anemones, coral, sponges and even an old shipwreck.

The Zenobia ferry sunk in 1980 across from Larnaca at a depth of 16 metres. Depending on your experience, you can discover more or less of the secrets of this shipwreck, considered to be one of the 10 most beautiful in the world.

Discover the Larnaca Salt Lake and its flamingos

For an original walk and extraordinary landscapes, head to the Larnaca Salt Lake, one of the most popular sites among tourists.

This network of four lakes is not very deep: around one meter deep in winter, while in summer there is a salt crust similar to a lunar landscape. The site is home to many flamingos to add a little magic to the landscape. Not far from the lake, you can visit the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque, the most sacred Muslim site in Cyprus.

Remarkably beautiful, it is open to everyone regardless of religion. Beauty and serenity will be the keywords for your trip!

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