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  • Duration 3h45
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  • Languages Tur. Turkish

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Février 2020


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From Lyon, discover the city of Kayseri!

Kayseri, a cultural centre for your holidays in Turkey!

In the heart of Turkey, discover the city of Kayseri, the highest point of Central Anatolia. The former capital of Cappadocia, it is a modern city, yet also rich in history and culture. With many notable monuments to visit, it is ideal for explorers and history lovers. 

5 reasons to visit Kayseri

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Citadelle à Kayseri

Visit the citadel

Dating back to the 10th century, the Kayseri Citadel is steeped in history. Composed of both an exterior and interior rampart, it previously served as a market and a place to eat a meal. The large bazaar is found in the inner courtyard, and in the Ottoman era, the centre was reserved for precious goods.
Musée Archéologique à Kayseri

Discover the Archaeological Museum

Housed in a modern building, the museum has interesting and very detailed collections. It contains objects from different historical sites in the region: clay tablets, metals, pottery, and even idols. Discover the entire story of Kayseri condensed in a museum specifically designed for history lovers.
Ski à Kayseri

Ski at Mount Erciyes

Have you ever skied on a volcano? At Mont Argée, the extinct volcano that formed Cappadocia, is now transformed into a true ski resort, which is open at least 150 days a year. Winter sports lovers have everything they need to satisfy their adrenaline cravings on the snowy slopes.
Complexe de Hunat Hatun à Kayseri

Stroll through Hunat Hatun Complex and Vezir Han

The Hunat Hatun was the first complex to be built by the Seljuq between 1228 and 1238. Located within the town of Kayseri, the complex includes a mosque, a medersa, a mausoleum, a public bath and a market. The Vezir Han is a caravanserai (a roadside inn) which was intended to house merchants, and today is a shop for wool and cotton traders.
Cuisine traditionnelle à Kayseri

Try the Pastirma!

The Kayseri Pastrami is a very famous deli meat in Turkey. It is made from pressed beef covered with «çemen», a spicy blend of cumin, fenugreek, garlic, salt and paprika. It is then dried and cut into very thin slices. Pastirma is a delicacy to be relished on special occasions.

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