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Février 2020

Vols Lyon Ankara

A cultural and dynamic trip to Ankara!

Set in the very centre of the country, in the midst of Anatolia’s vast plateaus, lies the capital of Turkey 

Deeply-rooted within its historical vestiges, the city of Ankara has countless amazing sites to see. It is also resolutely modern and dynamic, with its many bars and restaurants welcoming tourists from all over the world. Enjoy an unforgettable trip to Ankara.

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5 reasons to visit Ankara

Vols Lyon Ankara

Viist the citadel

Ankara’s historical centre lies around the citadel. Perched right at the top of a hill, it boasts stunning panoramic views over the whole city. The building’s outer walls are breath-taking, and cannot be missed. Bursting with history, this site will teach you all about the city’s past - through Roman and Byzantine eras, as well as the Seljuq dynasty and Crusades.

Vols Lyon Ankara

Go for a walk at the Kugulu Park

This hectare-wide public park is located in the Cankaya part of town, and is renowned for its peaceful swans swimming across the glistening ponds. Kugulu Park is perfect for a romantic stroll, or for spending time with your family. There are lots of water games and places to get ice cream, all in a joyful atmosphere.

Vols Lyon Ankara

Go to the Anitkabir mausoleum

Erected in memory of the founder of modern Turkey, the mausoleum’s palace lies at the top of Anittepe hill. A near-sacred museum dedicated to the country’s founder and to the Turkish War of Independence teaches the thousands of yearly tourists all about the country’s history.

Vols Lyon Ankara

Admire the Roman baths

These former baths, where Romans used to come to relax in, are no longer open but will delve you into the country’s antique history. They are a true archaeological and cultural treasure, which you cannot miss out on.

Vols Lyon Ankara

Visit the Kocatepe mosque

As Ankara’s main attraction, this mosque is the largest in the city and serves as a point of reference when visiting. Tourists flock there every year to marvel at its beauty and unique architecture.

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