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The City of Mozart and Beethoven

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Février 2020


Vienna, the must-see destination for art lovers

World-renowned for its cafés, the city of Mozart and Beethoven is, above all, the must-visit destination for art enthusiasts.

The historic center of Vienna is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site and its museums are among the world’s most prestigious. Open to cultural visits, the Austrian capital, which is able to combine its romantic charms with a decidedly modern vibrancy, is also highly popular among executives for their business trips.

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What to do in Vienna ?

Follow our storyguide to find the top things to do and best places to visit!

5 reasons to go to Vienna


Discovering the «Little Versailles»

Often compared to its prestigious French cousin, Schönbrunn Castle is one of the centerpieces of the impressive architectural and cultural heritage of Vienna. Of the 1,441 rooms, only 42 are open to the public! That is still enough for you to go back in time and soak up the splendor of the old house of Sissi ..


Strolling Along the Banks of the Danube

After having long feared it for its transient fury, the Viennese have now lead their lives around the Danube. Its beautifully landscaped banks, terraces, outdoor swimming pool (Gänsehäufel) and beaches are places where you can live restfully and actively simultaneously. And for sports enthusiasts, it’s the ideal place for jogging, a walking or taking a boat ride.


Going Behind the Scenes of the UN

Famous called UNO-City by the Austrians, the Vienna International Center, accessible by subway (line U1), is one of the four world headquarters of the UN, along with Nairobi, New York City and Geneva. Guided tours and exhibitions raise the veil daily on the workings of the famous international organization.


Tasting the Famous Viennese Coffee

Inscribed in UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, Viennese coffee is a genuine institution. It’s hard to choose from the 1,500 distinctive establishments that pay homage to tradition, between visiting a museum and a shopping spree. Why not try the very authentic Griensteidl Café, located on the Michaelerplatz?


Walking in the Belly of Vienna

A place to be for epicureans, the Naschmarkt is the pantry of the Austrian capital. Stands and restaurants follow one another in this stronghold of Viennese culinary art, where you meet to go for a stroll, have a drink, bargain-hunt, eat or even party. Ideal for learning about Viennese gastronomy ... and world gastronomy for that matter!

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