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  • Weather29-34 °F29 - 34 °F
  • Distance 1200 km
  • Duration 2h10
  • Currency Euro
  • Languages Por. Portuguese

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Février 2020


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Fly to Porto, between culture and discovery

Board a direct flight from Lyon to Porto, for a stay in Portugal!

Famous tourist destination on the Atlantic coast, the second city of the country enchants the visitor with its exceptional architectural heritage. The narrow streets of the historic center, the colorful facades of the Ribeira district, the bridges suspended over the river, the monuments and the museums ensure a stay rich in discoveries. Only two hours from Lyon by plane, Porto also invites you to experience Iberian hospitality, with its lively wineries, bars and restaurants.

Book your plane ticket for a flight Lyon-Porto, and discover the second city of Portugal for a weekend, a tourist stay or a business trip!

Must-sees of Porto

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