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Flights Lyon - Papeete
  • Weather 47 °F
  • Distance 16000 km
  • Duration 24h00
  • Currency Franc pacifique
  • Languages Fre. French

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Février 2020


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Fly to Papeete, destination the island of Tahiti!

As the main gateway to French Polynesia, Papeete offers a change of scenery in a sumptuous setting.

As the main gateway to French Polynesia, Papeete offers a change of scenery in a sumptuous setting.

Tahiti's largest city introduces you to Polynesian culture. The stalls of the Papeete market are brimming with fish caught in the lagoon or off the coast, as well as local fruit and vegetables. Numerous stalls give you the chance to discover the island's specialities, such as Pua roti, a pork-based dish, or firi firi, a tasty fritter. Some of the stalls also feature locally-produced handicrafts.

Your visit will also take you past the city's main museums and monuments, including the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands, the Robert Wan Pearl Museum, Notre-Dame de Papeete Cathedral and the Town Hall, whose architecture was inspired by Queen Pōmare's palace.

Papeete is an excellent starting point for discovering the beaches and lush landscapes of the island of Tahiti.
Book your flight ticket from Lyon (LYS) to Papeete (PPT) and experience unforgettable holidays in French Polynesia!

5 reasons to visit Papeete

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 œuvres de street art à papeete

Discover the works of street art

As the cultural capital of French Polynesia, Papeete is home to many artists who use the streets to express their creativity. The ONO'U Street Art Trail invites you to discover the city in a whole new way. Dozens of frescoes, created by local artists and those from all over the world, line this unusual tour, taking you through less touristy areas to explore other facets of Papeete.

marché papeete

Savour the local cuisine

Would you like an introduction to Polynesian cuisine? Then a visit to the Papeete market is a must! This large covered market hall is home to many shops. The stalls are packed with exotic fruit and vegetables, including grapefruit, pineapple, passion fruit, bananas and longans, as well as fish and seafood caught in the lagoon or beyond the coral reefs.

danseuse tahitienne

Discover Polynesian handicrafts

The Papeete market also invites you to discover Tahitian handicrafts. You'll find pearl necklaces, jewellery, woven baskets, monoi oil, sculptures and fabrics. Why not take home a tifaifai, a large fabric with floral motifs? You can also head to the Vaima shopping centre for a shopping spree.

jardins de Paofai

Take a stroll through the Paofai gardens

Situated on the seafront, this green space features many varieties of trees and plants, two waterfalls, several pergolas and large lawns. There are sports facilities, children's play areas and picnic areas overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Restaurants welcome you for lunch or dinner, and shops offer a wide range of souvenirs.

montagne tahiti

Discover Tahiti

The island's largest city is the ideal starting point for discovering the treasures of Tahiti. Heavenly beaches, lush valleys and picturesque villages await you just a few kilometres away! The 3 waterfalls of Faarumai, located in the Faarumai valley around twenty kilometres away, are the starting point for many hikes.

FAQ: Flights Lyon - Papeete

How long is the flight from Lyon to the island of Papeete?

Lyon and Papeete are 16,000 kilometres apart. No airline currently offers a direct flight between Lyon Saint-Exupéry (LYS) and Tahiti-Faaa (PPT): your total journey time will therefore depend mainly on your connecting airport and the length of your stopover. Some routes include a technical stopover, necessary to refuel the aircraft. For example, Air France offers a flight from Lyon Saint-Exupéry (LYS) to Tahiti-Faaa (PPT) in around 26 hours and 5 minutes, which includes a connection at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport and a technical stopover.

Which airlines offer flights between Lyon and Papeete?

Air France offers flights between Lyon Saint-Exupéry (LYS) and Tahiti-Faaa (PPT) all year round. A connection awaits you at Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG), as well as a technical stopover between Paris and Tahiti.

When is the best time to visit Papeete?

Tahiti has fairly constant average temperatures throughout the year, with a climate divided into two seasons that are marked by different levels of rainfall. From April to October, the dry season is particularly popular with beach lovers, water sports enthusiasts and hikers. The start of the dry season offers magnificent scenery, with lush green vegetation after several months of rain. From November to March, the wet season brings more frequent and more intense rainfall. Less touristic, this period allows you to save money with more attractive fares.

How can I prepare for my trip to Papeete from Lyon?

Airfares are generally more attractive if you book your ticket as early as possible. You can also be flexible about your departure and return dates, and shift your flight according to fares and availability.