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Flights Lyon - Kalamata
  • Weather38-47 °F38 - 47 °F
  • Distance 1730 km
  • Duration 2h30
  • Currency Euro
  • Languages Gre. Greek

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Février 2020


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Kalamata, an ode to the good life

  Kalamata is a beach resort on the west coast of the Peloponnese, and forms a charming gateway to the region.

Nestled between the Messenian Gulf and the Taygetus mountains, the city of olives and scarves offers not only historical gems such as the Church of the Apostles and the citadel, but also a buzzing atmosphere with its excellent night life, bustling markets and vibrant hotels. It's a colourful party destination, also known for its 5km beach, dotted with traditional taverns and lively beach bars. Tempted?

5 reasons to visit Kalamata

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Kalamata huile olive

Try olive oil

Soak up the heady aromas and rich flavours of local olive oil on a guided tour of an olive oil factory. Discover the age-old traditions of olive oil production and enjoy a tasting session that will awaken your taste buds to the culinary riches of the region.

Kalamata Vieille ville Grècé

Explore the old town

Stroll through the narrow, picturesque streets of Kalamata's old town, where history meets everyday life. Admire the traditional architecture, discover the charming little cafés and craft shops, and soak up the authentic atmosphere of this district full of character.

Kalamata plage Grèce

Relax at the beach

Treat yourself to a relaxing break on Kalamata's magnificent sandy beaches. Relax under the Mediterranean sun, take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters and let the gentle sound of the waves lull you into an unforgettable beach experience.

Kalamata Grèce nature randonnée

Go hiking

Venture through the Viros Gorge on a captivating hike into the heart of the region's wilderness. Follow picturesque paths, discover breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding mountains, and marvel at the raw beauty of these unspoilt landscapes.


Visit the Messinian Archaeological Museum

Immerse yourself in the cultural and historical treasures of the region by exploring the Archaeological Museum of Messinia in Kalamata. Admire the precious collections of ancient artefacts, listen to the fascinating stories behind each object, and let yourself be transported through the centuries of history and civilisation of the region.

Must-sees of Kalamata

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