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Exchange currencies at Lyon Airport

Bureau de change Global Cash, Lyon Aéroport

  • Buy and sell currencies: US and Canadian Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euro. 
  • Money transfers (available soon): Global Cash is a MoneyTrans agent and allows you to send or receive money to/from the country of your choice. 
  • Tax refund (available soon): Reimbursement of VAT for travelers residing outside the European Union. 

  • In the public area of Terminal 1: every day from 09:00 to 18:15
  • In Boarding Area of Terminal 1: every day from 05h15 to 19h00
Duty free detaxe

VAT refund (Detax) at Lyon Airport

In order to combine safety and hungry tummies, here is the list of what you are allowed to keep with you after check-in.

Travelers who have made their purchases in France can, under certain conditions, benefit from a VAT refund. The tax refund can be granted to the buyer who meets the following 3 conditions:

  • Be resident abroad (outside the European Union at the time of purchase) or be visiting France for less than 6 months.
  • Be over 16 years old.
  • Make purchases of a minimum amount of 100€.

In order to benefit from the tax exemption at Lyon airport, and before entering the reserved area, you must follow this procedure:
  • Declare your goods and obtain a stamp from the customs office at Terminal 1, arrivals level.
  • Request your refund at one of our Global Cash offices located in the Terminal 1 arrivals area or Terminal 1 departure lounge.

Claim your VAT refund Lyon aéroport

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Where to find us

Terminal 1, Boarding area, Public

Exchange office - Terminal 1 (Public Area)
Exchange office - Terminal 1 (Public Area)
Exchange office - Terminal 1 (Boarding Area)
Exchange office - Terminal 1 (Boarding Area)
Bureau de change Terminal 1 - Zone publique
Bureau de change Terminal 1 - Zone d'embarquement