Currency exchange - Global Cash

Exchange currencies at Lyon Airport

Bureau de change Global Cash, Lyon Aéroport

  • Buy and sell currencies: US and Canadian Dollars, Pound Sterling, Euro. 
  • Buy Back Guarantee: insurance guaranteeing the value of your currency upon your return at the rate at which you purchased it without commission charges within 31 days.
  • Money transfers (available soon)
  • Tax refund (available soon)

Claim your VAT refund Lyon aéroport

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Basics , services

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Monday 09:1520:00
Tuesday 09:1517:45
Wednesday 09:1520:00
Thursday 09:1517:45
Friday 09:1520:00
Saturday 09:1517:45
Sunday 09:1520:00

Where to find us

Terminal 1, Public

Exchange office - Terminal 1

Exchange office - Terminal 1

Bureau de change Terminal 1