Green mobile charging stations at Terminal 1

Need to recharge your cell phone? In May, test the new 100% human-powered USB mobile charging stations!

Mon, 01/30/2023 - 17:45
Recharge mobile Ilo Energie

Pedal and recharge your cell phone with Ilo Energie!

No more stress about not having a battery on your phone before your flight!

In partnership with Ilo Energie, Lyon Airport provides its passengers with two - 100% human-powered - USB mobile charging stations to enable them to recharge their cell phones before their departure.

Located in the public area of Terminal 1, this fun and environmentally friendly installation contributes to reducing the airport's CO2 emissions.

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How does it work?


I pedal at my own pace

I sit comfortably in the chair and use the pedals in front of me.


I recharge my mobile

I plug my phone cable into the system and pedal to charge.


I take on challenges

I set goals for myself.
How long will it take me to reach 70%?