27 February


The PARAFE system in Lyon-Saint Exupéry


The PARAFE system in Lyon-Saint Exupéry

Since February 23rd, Aéroports de Lyon has been experimenting with PARAFE (Rapid Automated Passage on the External Borders), improving the fluidity of the "border crossing" of passengers holding biometric passports.

A first test of 6 months

5 facilities

Aéroports de Lyon is financing and installing 5 equipment supplied by THALES in Lyon-Saint Exupéry to speed up identity checks at the borders.
This first test is planned for a period of 6 months, in the transboundary control area Arrival of Satellite Terminal 3.
It makes it possible to prepare the definitive installation of systems identical or comparable to the future Terminal 1.
This innovative system is open to passengers with a French biometric passport. It will be progressively opened to passengers from the European Union.
The configuration of the test at Lyon-Saint Exupéry allows the simultaneous control of 5 passengers by one police officer, against one passenger per police officer at the moment.

A simple device for the passenger

It consists in

  • Present your passport on a documentary reading system
  • Enter the airlock with the opening of the entrance door of the airlock
  • Presenting a finger on a fingerprint sensor Leave the airlock through the exit door after authentication of the fingerprint by the system.

The PARAFE scheme was launched by

  • The Ministry of the Interior, represented by the Directorate General of Foreigners in France, Client of the PARAFE system and pilot of the project.
  • The Central Border Police Directorate, who uses the system and ensures compliance with functional specifications.
  • The Direction of Information Systems and Communication, which allows the integration of the locks developed by an industrialist.
  • The Airport Border Police Service (SPAFA) of Lyon-Saint Exupéry, responsible for the training of its agents and the operation of the PARAFE airlock.

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