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Brila Estonteco - Radiant Future


Brila Estonteco - Radiant Future

In France, three artists are sending a message of hope, encouragement and hospitality to the people of the world: a sculpture depicting the tutelary figure of the humanist aviator and writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, born in Lyon, with a young Lion holding the universal symbols of Cultures, a book and a pencil.
Its name is BRILA ESTONTECO which means RADIANT FUTURE in Esperanto.

The monumental bronze, high of 3,20 m (about 125 inches height), will be installed on the forecourt of the TGV station in the airport complex of Lyon-Saint-Exupery, connecting point of Lyon-Metropole and Region Auvergne Rhône-Alpes county with the world.

Supported by the Saint-Exupery Succession and hosted by SNCF, the monument will be given to the Community of Communes of East Lyon.

The project, carried by the Foundation Lea and Napoleon Bullukian, is funded through patronage. The first donations from private individuals and companies have already helped producing the template in resin, at scale one, of the sculpture.

A new call for patronage is launched in order to finance the final bronze version which will be officially inaugurated October 11th , 2017 (

In China, Chinese publisher Guomai, distributor of the book "The Little Prince" and enthusiastic about this project, decided to launch, through the Taobao website, a crowdfunding. The operation, highly emblematic of the opening to the world, started March 22nd 2017, and will last 45 days.

The bronze sculpture will be a strong symbol, visible to millions of travelers. Its media coverage will ensure to promote the notoriety and will add value to the image of patrons who private, professional or institutional - will be a vector of humanism, culture and tolerance.

  • The patrons’ list, with other documents, will be in a chest, itself placed in the sculpture on the installation’s day. This list is visible on the Brila Estonteco website.
  • In addition, from 1500 €, the patron’s name, or the person of his choice, will be inscribed on the sculpture’s base, print characters 5 cm (2 in) on the bronze plate.
  • In addition, from 5000 €, the patron will receive a bronze reduced scale of the sculpture and, for the inscription, print characters of 7 cm (2.75 in)
  • In addition, starting from 20000 €, the patron will receive a limited edition of bronze reduced scale and, for the inscription, print characters of 10 cm (3.94 in).

Donations :
For a money transfer, please contact us.
For checks, those are going to Bullukian Foundation, must be payable to "Brila Estonteco" and mailed to : 
Lea and Napoleon Bullukian Foundation
26, place Bellecour
69002 Lyon France 

Your donation will be deposit on a dedicated bank account and managed by the foundation, and they will also mail you back a tax receipt. Please not no fees are charged by the Foundation.
For any question, please fill free to contact us:

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