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Février 2020


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Why visit Russia?

Russia is a country that will surprise you. Rich in culture and history, the landscapes of Russia are so breathtaking that they have inspired many artists.

Art and architecture are particularly important in Russia, with world-famous theatres and grandiose churches. With its 40 national parks and UNESCO biosphere reserves, lovers of wide open spaces will be captivated by the immensity of the country and the beauty of its plant life. Everything here is big, from Moscow's underground train system to the Tsars' palaces and mountainous landscapes. Russia is a great destination to discover!

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Where and when to go to Russia?

Your desires, our recommendations! 

To visit Russia, there are numerous itineraries that will allow you to visit the country’s unmissable places of interest. Among them, Saint Petersburg and Moscow are full of museums and sites to see. Check out the Trans-Siberian and make the most of the summer season to travel!

Each season is very different in Russia, with cold winters that are, however, ideal for seasonal activities such as dog sledding in Siberia. Winter is also perfect for plunging into the local culture and enjoying a complete change of scenery. In summer, the country is sunny but often rainy.

To visit Saint Petersburg in winter, choose outdoor clothing, windbreakers and waterproofs, such as a quilted coat or fleece jacket. Also remember to pack a pair of waterproof, non-slip boots with a thick sole to avoid getting your feet wet. Hats and scarves, as well as gloves, are essential.

Visiting the capital of Russia is an invitation to travel through time, from the Tsars, through the period of the USSR, to contemporary Russia. The city can be visited through its museums and architecture. Go to Red Square to discover true Russian charm.