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Flights Lyon - Saint-Petersburg
  • Weather20-21 °F20 - 21 °F
  • Distance 2300 km
  • Duration 9h00
  • Currency Ruble
  • Languages Rus. Russian

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Février 2020


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St. Petersburg is the country's main port on the Baltic Sea.

Russia's largest city after Moscow.

The architecture of the city, different according to the districts, will take you back in time, from the 18th century to today. If there are a multitude of museums for history lovers, partygoers and gourmets will also find something for them in cheap bistros, bars and nightclubs.

5 reasons to visit Saint-Pétersbourg

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Mayak cafe

Open since the 1980s, the Mayak cafe is filled with Soviet memorabilia. Though it has a discreet facade, you cannot miss the large sculpture of Lenin’s head in the window. If you wish to immerse yourself in a ryumochnaya (a Russian style pub) and its traditions which date back to the 19th century, you will be amply served here!

The Russian steam baths (banya)

The steam baths are public places for relaxation. A brick stove sprayed with hot water diffuses humid heat which reaches between 65 and 120° degrees. In order to achieve proper purification, tradition has it that you should whip yourself with dried tree branches before plunging your body into cold water.

The Mariinsky theatre

The Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliette, Carmen… even if you are not an amateur of ballet, the Marlinsky theatre programme is irresistible! In any event, the building itself is worth the visit and is part of the major cultural landmarks.

Admire the Saint-Isaac Cathedral

St. Isaac's is the most sumptuous cathedral in Russia and is easily recognized by its golden dome that stands out in the sky of St. Petersburg. In addition to its majestic interior, the cathedral offers a breathtaking view of the Winter Palace, the Neva River and other sights of the city... once 262 steps climbed!

Visit the Hermitage museum

Housed in several buildings including the splendid Winter Palace, the Hermitage museum is a well of culture and a place of fascination. Inherited from the private collections of the Tsars over the centuries, there are more than 3 million works of art on exhibition, paintings, sculptures, archeological objects and other art… a must visit.

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