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Février 2020


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Birmingham Angleterre

Dreaming of exploring the Midlands and taking a trip to England's second city?

Nicknamed the Workshop of the World, Birmingham is an atypical destination filled with fashionable diversity!

Birmingham is appreciated by tourists for its various places, each more original than the other. It was the location of the famous Peaky Blinders series and its industrial past gives the English city a unique charm. This destination also lends itself to sparkling tourist discoveries, along its urban canals, its XXL stores and its famous Balti Triangle, a Mecca of English gastronomy...

Book your Lyon-Birmingham ticket by direct flight from Lyon and enjoy an authentic stay in the United Kingdom!

5 reasons to visit Birmingham

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Birmingham Aston Hall

Visit Aston Hall

Birmingham is home to the magnificent Aston Hall, a 17th century country house that is a true historical treasure. You can explore its splendid rooms, admire the architecture and learn more about the history of the area.
Birmingham Bullring

Take a shopping break at the bullring

If you're looking to shop for nuggets, the Bullring Shopping Center is the place to go for bargains. You'll find a wide selection of stores, from major brands to independent boutiques, as well as restaurants and cafes to refresh you during your shopping session.
Jardins de Birmingham

Relaxing in Birmingham's gardens

Birmingham has many outstanding parks and gardens where you can relax and enjoy nature. Some of the most popular are Cannon Hill Park, Botanical Gardens and Sutton Park, which offer beautiful scenery, picnic areas and recreational activities.
Musée de Birmingham

Discover the treasures of the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham is a city rich in culture and art. You will have the opportunity to explore the 40 exhibition rooms of this renowned museum, where you will discover the most important Anglo-Saxon gold treasure ever found in the UK, as well as extraordinary Egyptian and Roman treasures. One floor is devoted specifically to the history of Birmingham and its residents. 
Peaky Blinders à Birmingham

Living like Peaky Blinders

Be transported to 1920s Birmingham, where daring and intrigue blend to create a unique atmosphere. Follow in the footsteps of Thomas Shelby and his gang, and feel the adrenaline of underworld gambling, rigged horse races and shady deals.

Must-sees of Birmingham

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