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Février 2020


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Travel with from Lyon

Travel with Corsair to Réunion Island, Mayotte, Mauritius and Guadeloupe!

From Lyon, Corsair offers direct flights to Réunion Island (2 flights per week), with fast connections to Mauritius and Mayotte.  Corsair also serves Guadeloupe with direct flights from Lyon Airport (one flight per week, every Friday).

The flights from Lyon to Réunion Island are operated on Airbus A330-900 NEO, new generation aircraft.

Practical information


In ECONOMY class
From or To France:
Baggage allowance in hold is : 1 piece of 23 kg maximum per leg except for Basic fares
Basic Fare : no luggage in hold included in the fare. 

In PREMIUM class 
From or To France:
Baggage allowance in hold is : 2 pieces of 32 kg each per leg.

In BUSINESS class 
From or To France:
Baggage allowance in hold is : 2 pieces of 32 kg each per leg.

The baggage in hold "out or other format"

If you exceed the total size of your checked baggage (total H + W + L greater than 158 cm), you will have to pay a surcharge as indicated in the table below.
This surcharge applies to all types of hold baggage: baggage included in the hold franchise or acquired during the LE CLUB CORSAIR loyalty programme or purchased as additional baggage. It applies only to flights operated by Corsair. Find out more. 

Loyalty program

By being a member of Club Corsair, you can accumulate euros in your loyalty account as well as benefit from numerous advantages for each flight made with Corsair. Savings, free tickets, discounts, exclusive privileges. 

Safety measures 

Aircraft preparation / maintenance
The airline is reinforcing the systematic cleaning and disinfection of cabins before each flight: all contact points and rigid surfaces (aisles, toilets, windows, seats, shelves, armrests, magazine racks, seat belts, air…) are cleaned with virucidal products.

Safety measures before the flight 
In order to reduce any waiting time and limit contacts at the airport as much as possible,  customers are invited to use Web Check-in and the printing of the baggage tags they wish to check in. Luggage pockets will be provided by ground staff upon check-in.

During the flight
Multi-surface disinfectant wipes are given to all customers upon boarding and hydro-alcoholic gels are made available throughout the flight. Learn more  

Corsair : travel with peace of mind from Lyon