Délices de Lyon

The best of Lyon's gastronomy


Gastronomy of Lyon and regional flavors

Délices de Lyon offers a wide choice of gastronomic and local products and regional specialties.

Find the best of Lyon's gastronomy:
Voisin, Bocuse, Pralus, Targe, Duc de Savoie, Mons, and more... ! 


Prêt à manger

Hungry for Lyon? Discover our Prêt-à-Manger offer!

Find a selection of local products to taste on the spot in the ready-to-eat area of the Délices de Lyon store in Terminal 1 boarding area.

Choose from our selection of products to be eaten on the spot. After your checkout, you can sit back and enjoy the best of Lyon's gastronomy!

Ready-to-Eat Menu

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