PARAFE Service

Go through border control in the blink of an eye

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Our PARAFES will be under maintenance from May 27 to June 14, 2024.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Go through border control more quickly via the new facial recognition PARAFE* gates

With SAS PARAFE* facial recognition at Terminal 1, speed up your passage through border control.

To access this service, passengers must :
- Have a biometric passport
- Be of legal age (over 12 for arrivals and over 18 for departures)  
- Be a national of one of the countries eligible for the PARAFES scheme (see the list below on the Service Public website)

Who can use PARAFE?

*Fast passage at external borders


Discover the service through a video

How does it work ?

service parafe Lyon aéroport video

Four good reasons to choose this service

service parafe free service Lyon Aeroport

It's simple and convenient

Avoid queuing by going directly through border controls quickly and safely.

service parafe secured

Contactless device

Lyon Aéroport is doing all it can to ensure your journey is undertaken in optimal hygiene conditions.

service parafe T1

Terminal 1

Check your eligibility and use this device for terminal 1 departures/arrivals. 

service parafe premium

Ease of travel at Lyon Aéroport

Lyon Aéroport aims to be best in class, by offering cutting-edge innovative services to all passengers.

How to use this service


Before border control

Take out your biometric passport and open it to the photo page


During border control

Scan your passport over the terminal and follow the instructions on the screen


In the e-gate

Look directly at the camera
and stand still


After border control

Exit the e-gate
and cross the border.



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This service is free

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