Ollombo airport
Project owner assistance


The new airport in Ollomba is located 400km north of Brazzaville, between two fast-growing cities (both economically and demographically), in an area with extensive mining and farming resources. It is managed by Aéroports du Congo (AERCO).


Delegated project owner assistance for construction of the Ollombo airport:

  • Construction of a new 25,000-sq.m. terminal in collaboration with Socotec.
  • Inspection and commissioning.

The project also includes construction of an air traffic control tower, a water tower, an equipment storehouse, a fire station and an electric power plant.

Assessment of terminal equipment provided by the Chinese contractor WIETC:

  • Electrical distribution system
  • Power generators
  • Arrival/departure baggage processing
  • Airbridges
  • Lifts
  • Display screens / traffic management
  • Sound equipment
  • Fire detection
  • Signage
  • Airport furniture