Douala airport
Monitoring pavement and terminal works


The Douala Airport serves the economic capital of Cameroon. It is location, next to the country’s largest autonomous port and is ideal for the promotion of international affairs.

Mission context

Project owner assistance for the development of passenger and cargo traffic.


Assignment: assistance in professionalising cargo activities at Douala Airport:

  • Audit, recommendations and training
  • Advice on cargo professionalization and nomenclature
  • Develop a Business Plan providing five-year projections for cargo activity and operating P&L

Technical Assistance to pave the way to obtaining ISO 14001 Environmental certification

  • Data collection campaign
  • Reconstitute drawings and diagrams of structures and facilities, conduct various samplings and analyses, produce an NEM
  • Public consultation meetings
  • Proposal of an action plan

Assistance with methodology and tools dedicated to collecting statistical and financial data on Douala Airport:

  • Analysis of operations and current tools
  • Modernisation master plan
  • Support in executing the modernisation plan