Airport management

Construire les infrastructures de demain : innovation et flexibilité

Aéroports de Lyon Management & Services shares its expertise in airport management.

Aéroport international de Pristina

Via its subsidiary Aéroports de Lyon-Management & Services PIA and in consortium with the Turkish group LIMAK for a twenty-year period, Aéroports de Lyon-Management & Services is the operator of Pristina International Airport in Kosovo.

Brest and Quimper airports

In September 2016, Aéroports de Lyon Management & Services won the Brittany region tender, within the consortium Reiñ Lusk ("Boost" in the Breton language), to operate the Brest and Quimper airports until 2036. The Reiñ Lusk consortium includes three Finistère Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Brest, Morlaix and Quimper Cornouaille), industrial partners (Aéroports de Lyon Management & Services and Egis Airport-Transdev), financial partners (Crédit Mutuel Arkéa and Caisse Régionale de Crédit Agricole Mutuel du Finistère) and local public stakeholders (Brest’aim and Quimper événements). Both airport concessions, Brest and Quimper, will be operated by ABO (Aéroports de Bretagne Ouest) and its Quimper subsidiary, of which the various partners will be shareholders.

The contract awarded to the operator covers the tasks that are vital for successfully running an airport:

  • Managing, operating, promoting and developing airports
  • Carrying out works and maintenance services for structures, facilities and equipment
  • Securing investments for expansions, renewals or standardisation
  • Providing ground-handling services
  • Promoting the development of state-owned land
  • Providing legally required services: safety and security, maintenance of signalling equipment.

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