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Aéroports de Lyon : initiating trips and instigating sensations

Dive into our explorers' tales of travel, rack up the good deals, scour the map of destinations, allow yourself to get inspired, and find out which trip is made for you! Whether you are a fan of unusual trips that are off the beaten path, a Citytrips enthusiast, or looking for some precious moments of leisure, discover the many-faced destinations of trips departing from Lyon-Saint Exupéry.

Dreaming of elsewhere?

Africa, the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, Asia, America, Europe, or Australia... Discover the advice, good deal ideas, and faves of our two destination-specialized globetrotters. Alexandra and Manon will share their passion for traveling and their appreciation for the riches of different continents. Hear about their stories, which are key to planning an extraordinary trip!

Trip inspiration

Let yourself be guided by your impulses! Choose your trip's theme (seaside, mountainside, family-friendly, etc.), enter an ideal temperature range, and specify your flight budget, the maximum flight duration, and the best time period for your next escapade! The inspiration engine will find the trip that suits you in your place, at the best time and at the best price. Allow yourself to be surprised!

Voyages & vous ?

Because traveling is first and foremost about sensations and sharing, move away from the standard fare and discover our Xtreme, Xplore, and Xciting travelers' selection of good deals. Participate in previously unseen events, push yourself off the beaten track, discover new horizons that are full of encounters and sharing... regardless of your aspirations, get inspired by tales of travel and unique experiences as you plan your next explorations!

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