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Mademoiselle Vernis - Terminal 1 - Place des Lumières

Perfumes, cosmetics

Where to find us ?

Terminal 1 After Security check

Opening hours

  • Monday, Thursday and Friday

  • Tuesday and Wednesday

  • Saturday and Sunday

Express nail bar

Convenient, Quickly, Innovative !

  • Nail polish & gel nail polish (filing, base coat, polish, top coat)
  • Express manicure (filing, cuticles, polish)
  • SPA manicure (filing, cuticles, mask, massage, polish)
  • Pedicure (filing, cuticles, mask, massage, polish)
  • Man manicure (filing, cut
Mademoiselle Vernis
Level 1 - Place des Lumières
Lyon-Saint Exupéry Aéroport

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