Formalities & Practical Info

Prepare for the trip

Packing your luggage

To make it easier to move through the airport (check-in and security checkpoints), take time to prepare your luggage properly.
You can travel with hand luggage and check other luggage into the hold.
Do not wait to arrive at the airport to register hold luggage. Do it online when the airline offers the option!
You can also check and transport special luggage (e.g. sports equipment, pushchairs, etc.): see your airline's conditions

Baggage allowance

  • To find out your luggage allowance (number and weight of bags permitted, without surcharge), visit your airline’s website
  • To find out about applicable restrictions for hold luggage, look at our section
  • To find out about applicable restrictions for hand luggage, look at our section

First aid kit

Contents will depend on your age, health, destination and duration of stay. Medication may be kept in your hand luggage, provided that you can show a prescription. 

Aéroports de Lyon : Mon bagage est prêt pour passer les contrôles de sûreté
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