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New Terminal 1

From 30 March To 11 April 2017

Opening Arrivals for Low Cost Flights : AirArabia, easyJet, Pegasus, Transavia

I am a passenger on low-cost flight: what will change?

  • For the outbound journey, check in at Terminal 3 as before. Board in the satellite terminal where there are shops (Relay, Aélia Duty Free and Food Village),
    Aim to arrive 2 hours before your flight leaves to avoid a last-minute sprint! 
  • When you get back, disembark and collect your luggage in the new Terminal. Leave via the new forecourt. Remember to inform the person who is coming to collect you.

    Our tip: -> follow the “T3” signs in place in the airport.
    During this time of change, airport staff will be available to help you and there will be more signs to guide you. Your airline will provide you with the information required for your flight.

Our advice for

Arriving at the airport

  • Is someone dropping you off? Use the T1/T3 quick parking area (10 minutes free parking) a short walk from Terminal 3 (5 minutes).
  • By Shuttle/Bus: the bus station is at Terminal 1, a short walk from Terminal 3 (around 5 minutes).
  • By Rhônexpress/TGV: Terminal 3 is a short walk (around 10 minutes) from the rail station. Follow the signs.
  • By car: park in one of our airport car parks. T3 is only a short walk, or you can take a free shuttle.

    Our tip: book your parking space in advance at There is an online discount and you can leave with peace of mind!

Our advice for

Leaving the airport

Follow the signs to the various modes of transportation:

  • Is someone picking you up? Arrange to meet on the new forecourt (follow signs to “dépose rapide T3” [“T3 drop-off”] or “parking minute T3” [“T3 quick parking”]) By shuttle/bus? the bus station is at the Terminal 1 forecourt, about 400 metres away. 
  • By Rhônexpress or TGV? The rail station is a short walk away (around 10 minutes) via a direct outdoor path.
  • By car: The car parks (P0, P1, P3) are a short walk or you can take the free parking shuttle at the Terminal 1 forecourt (P4, P5).
The interior map of the airport Télécharger
The outside map of the airport Télécharger
Aéroports de Lyon : L'ouverture progressive du nouveau Terminal 1 !

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