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Discover the steps of your journey at the terminal, whether you are staying in Montreal, connecting to another Canadian city or traveling to the USA.

You are going to Montreal

Going through Canadian customs

Optimize your waiting time at Canadian customs by following the instructions below:


  1. During your flight, fill in the Canada Boarder Services agency declaration form.
  2. Once in the ‘International Arrivals’ zone, head to the customs clearance area with your passport and completed declaration form ready.
  3. Then go to the baggage claims area. Once in the hall, find the baggage carousel designated to your airline company with the aid of the display board. In the event of missing or damaged luggage, head to the baggage counter of your airline company.
  4. Then pass through the second customs clearance where you will be required to present your declaration form to the Canada Boarder Services agent. 

Your journey to the centre of Montreal

To go to and from the airport:

  • 747 Express Bus:
    It operates every day 24/24, with varying frequency (between 10 and 40 minutes between each bus). The journey lasts between 45 and 70 minutes.
    Tickets can be bought at metro stations, the airport and at Montreal Tourist Information Office centers.
    Single rates: $10 (ticket valid for 24hrs)
  • Taxis:
    Fares are 7€ minimum (about $7).

--> Good to know:

  • Thanks to the YULi application, available from Apple Store and Goodle Play, find your way around the airport easily. Make the most of an interactive map which illustrates your way around the airport, personalized circuits including walking time and estimated waiting times at checkpoints.
  • The application also allows you to keep up to date with your flight, learn about promotional offers by businesses and partners and to book your parking space near the airport online. 

You are taking a national flight

Prepare your connecting flight

For a successful connecting flight, plan at least 40 minutes between the two flights as a precaution.

Prepare all the documents you will be requested to present until reaching the departure lounge before leaving the plane.

  • Passport
  • eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)
  • Boarding pass
  • Visa (if applicable)

Your way around Montreal airport – west wing

  • Follow the “Arrivals” signs in the corridor ;
  • Follow the “Connecting flights” signs to the escalator. You will see a sign, Assitance, Connecting flights;
  • Continue straight on and you will see a “Connecting flights” sign;
  • Have all the documents and boarding passes required ready at hand, ensure you have filled all the necessary documents;
  • Ensure that the information on the baggage labels is available. 

You are going to the USA

American preclearance facility

Simplify your business travel thanks to simplified formalities! When you are taking business trips to the United States, take advantage of the customs clearance facility directly on Canadian territory. Montreal-Trudeau airport offers preclearance to passengers on flights to the United States.

To benefit from this facility, you will be checked by a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agent. You will have no other formalities to complete on entering the United States.

Consult the guide to optimize your time and your corporate travel to North America.



Your way around Montreal airport – South west wing

  • Follow the signs “Connecting flights to USA” ;
  • Go through the pre-boarding checkpoint C and American customs ;
  • Go to the boarding hall.

To know: if you benefit from preclearance, your baggage will be registered and transferred automatically up to your final destination, just as in a domestic flight. If this is not the case:

  • Head to the desk of your airline company to register your baggage;
  • Go to the security checkpoint for Departures C;
  • Fill in your U.S. Border Control declaration form ;
  • Go through the security checkpoint and American customs.



Connecting flights: what to do at Montreal-Trudeau airport?

Every attention has been paid to ensure business travelers can enjoy a pleasant journey and be occupied while waiting for their flight.


Free access to WIFI network « YUL WI-FI ». Sessions last 60 minutes. Lounges are also at the disposal of passengers.

  • The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge : accessible for passengers taking national and business class flights.
  • The National Bank World MasterCard Lounge: this relaxing space is destined for passengers taking flights to international or Canadian destinations. Access is reserved for holders of a World Elite or World Mastercard credit card.

Take a break

The luxury Mariott hotel is directly linked to the airport.


Go to the restaurant and do some shopping

Several restaurants, cafes and shops are available for you to dine and do some last minute shopping.  



It is strictly forbidden to smoke in Montreal-Trudeau airport, as well as, in the apron area, including electronic cigarettes. However, there are smoking zones opposite the airport. To access them, you will need to exit the airport and pass through all checkpoints again.

--> Good to know
A left luggage is available in the public zone. 

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