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Business travel to Asia from Lyon

Reach all major Asian cities from Lyon using Aeroflot's direct flight to Moscow.
Learn all our tips and tricks to make the most of your travels, with increased flexibility.

Takie a business trip to Asia

Since July 2016, Aeroflot has been offering transcontinental flights to major Asian destinations with a layover at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.



International flights: the top 5 destinations served

Aeroflot serves over 300 airports in 60 countries. Thanks to the Skyteam network, Aeroflot is able to offer flights to 1,057 destinations in over 179 countries, including the top Asian destinations:

  • Shanghai: 2h 40m for 15h
  • Tokyo: 1h 25m for 14h 45m
  • Hanoi: 2h 40m for 15h
  • Hong Kong: 1h 25m for 14h 45m
  • Bangkok: 1h 25m for 14h 45m

With transit times optimized for traveling to Asia, you can discover this continent while departing directly from Lyon with a layover at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport.

Lyon-Moscow flight frequency and duration

- Aeroflot offers flights to Asia via Moscow every day at 12:50 p.m., both in summer and winter.

- 3h 50m of flight time is needed to reach Moscow from Lyon. - Don't forget to take into account the time difference before departing (local Moscow time is 1 hour ahead).

Take a business trip to Russia

If your business trip requires a layover in Moscow in order to reach another Russian city, Aeroflot offers you many connecting flights.



Domestic flights: top 5 destinations served

Aeroflot serves more than 60 Russian destinations, of which the top five are:

  • Saint Petersburg: 3h 25m connection
  • Yekaterinburg: 3h 45m connection
  • Novosibirsk: 2h 55m connection
  • Sochi: 5h 45m connection
  • Simferopol: 3h 25m connection

The connecting time is 1h 10m for domestic flights departing from Terminal D, and 1h 20m for departures from Terminal F.

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