Choose your music with our interactive jukeboxs

You set the tempo in our terminals

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Interactive jukeboxes installed in our departure lounges

Before take-off, do you prefer to listen to relaxing music to calm down or electro beats in tune with your excitement about the journey ahead? At Lyon Airport, you set the tempo in our departure lounges. Over to you! 

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Set the tone !

With our new connected and interactive jukeboxes, you can set the tone in our departure lounges.

Simply scan the QR code on one of the pillars installed in Terminal 2 to view the playlist on your smartphone and see what sounds good. In just one click, you can (musically) transport us to another place!

You can:

  • Vote for you favorite music titles to make them play
  • Look fo your favorite music to add it

It's your time to play !
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VINCI Airports in Lyon revolutionises your travel experience  

Through innovative services, we are committed to making your time at Lyon Airport a pleasant, relaxing and unique experience. The journey starts here! This is why we are working with young Lyon-based start-ups like Tshoko, the inspiration behind these new connected jukeboxes. 

Bon voyage !